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Software for your business
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Program Features

Some of the Clicks`n`Bricks Main Features

Customer Management Form

Customer Relations Manager

CRM Built in From the Start

All interactions with customers may be made right from the customer form. Add new sales or workorders. Attach documents or view purchased inventory. Create appointments and tasks. Even text or email them. 

Inventory Management Form

Inventory Control

Keep Track of Products with Accuracy

Make sure that you have the right products at the right time. Control your quantity levels and track sales by item, category or vendor. Control Assemblies and Kits. Print custom price tags or use established bar codes. Attach images and documents to an item and see all receiving and output history. 

Point of Sale Invoice

Point of Sale

Customer Centric Sales Features

Customer centric sales means is designed for businesses that sell lower volume higher priced items. Examples would be fashion items, furniture, jewelry, gifts. At the start of an order special customer notes will be displayed so that the customer may be properly accomodated. Support is also provided for special orders and custom work. POS supports carry out and shipping / delivery of orders.

Workorder Entry Form


Keep Customers Happy with Ontime Work

We promise our customers something and now we need to deliver. Our workorder system spells out what needs to be done and when it was promised. Labor and materials may be tracked along with the status of the order. When everything is completed the customer may be emailed, called or texted. The workorder can then be automatically sent to invoicing for completion.

Clicks`n`Bricks Program Editions

Retail / Wholesale

CRM - POS - Inventory

Clicks`n`Bricks Retail Edition is written for stores that sell larger ticket items. The Customer Relation Manager section helps you market to your customers better while the inventory manager makes sure you have the correct products..

Service / Contractors

CRM - Workorders - Invoices

Our Service Edition provides for Customer Relations Management (CRM), Scheduling, Workorders, Task Management and Invoicing. If your company is a service based business that does not track inventory quantities and has people out in the field, this is the program for you.

Inventory / Startup

Inventory Management

If your business only needs Inventory Management then this is the affordable program for you. Manage your stock quantities and movement. Easily enter in receiving and output of stock and manage vendor information. This may easily be expanded to the Retail Edition without any data loss or entry.

Clicks`n`Bricks Prices

Retail / Wholesale Edition

Designed for Retailers and Wholesalers
$ 75/mo.
Pay for 10 months and Get 12 months
    No Contract - Leave at the end of Your Term
  • Unlimited users per site

Service / Contractors Edition

CRM - Invoicing - Workorders
$ 30/mo.
Pay for 10 months and Get 12 months
  • No Contract - Leave at the end of Your Term
  • Unlimited users per site

Inventory Control

Inventory Management Only
$ 30/mo.
Pay for 10 months and Get 12 months
  • No Contract - Leave at the end of Your Term
  • Unlimited users per site
  • Clicks`n`Bricks is a hosted cloud based program. It will work on any computer, tablet or phone that can interact with the web.
  • We recommend the use of a computer or tablet for easier interaction.
  • Our servers are backed up continuously as well as daily and weekly to off premises locations.
  • We have built in redundancy and use multiple geographic USA locations for our servers.
  • No credit card information is stored in our data assuring that it cannot be stolen from our servers.


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