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“Making Business More Productive”
Point of Sale is Customer Centric
CAMS Retail Jeweler® is unique in it's customer centric point of sale approach. This approach puts emphasis on a jewelry store's most valuable asset, the customer. We have prepared a short movie so that you may see how this approach can work in your store.
Click here to watch a movie showing an overview of the CAMS Retail Jeweler program,
CAMS Retail Jeweler has many features to help manage the retail jewelry store and increase profits. Tools to provide superior customer relations management (CRM) to set your store apart from the others. The ability to easily put together targeted customer marketing campaigns to get purchasing customers into the store. Inventory control reports to determine what type of jewelry items are selling so that the store may be stocked with the proper goods. Effective handling of inventory to keep stock current and display cases holding seasonal items at the correct time. Tools to better work with vendors, using purchased and consignment inventory, to make them part of the team. CAMS Retail Jeweler is designed to have the right mix of items in the store at the time that a customer is looking for them.
Software That Works Well With CAMS Retail Jeweler For Generated Spread- sheets we integrate with Open Office Charge Card Processing X-Charge from Accelerated Payment Technologies
Inventory Control is complete and easy to use. We support Assembled items, Purchased stock, Consignment items as well as items sold by weight. Inventory can also be sorted by user defined Departments, Sub Departments, location in store and other special sorts.
Inventory Control
The inventory control system allows for an image to be placed onto the inventory input form. This image may also appear in reports and on the customer invoice at the time of sale. We use a unique system to maintain a proper inventory count. This system allows for accurate aging of inventory so that better stock buying decisions may be made. Inventory may be exported to eBay Turbo Lister or synchronized with an e- commerce web site.
All of the Inventory item information is on one form that is organized using Tabs to make it easy to work with. Using the tab system it is possible to see; The type of metal used in an item along with color, weight and grade. An unlimited amount of stones used within a jewelry piece may be entered. o Diamond and colored gemstones are supported by this system with details about a stone with it's certification information. o Colored gems allow for the entry of GIA standard abbreviations for the stone grading. Inventory allows price tag printing with information that may be automatically or manually applied. Automated reordering of stock is also may be done using the built in Purchase Order system. All Sales of an item may be viewed including the sales invoice details and payments.

Pricing Information

Our clients have continually told us that getting CAMS Retail Jeweler was the best investment that they have made in their business and that it has paid for itself time and time again. CAMS Retail Jeweler can help in your store like it has in so many others. Let us show you how. CAMS Retail Jeweler is a complete package for the management of a jewelry store. The program is provided with the first year of technical support and updates which is priced at $1295.00. The first year of a support subscription includes all released updates to the program, which occurs at least every 3 months, technical support by e-mail, telephone and our knowledge base plus 3 online training sessions of up to 2 hours each in the use of the program. You may try our services for 30 days without cost. Our clients have continually told us that getting our program and service was one of the best investments that they made in their business and that it has paid for itself time and time again. I know that our program and support can help in your store like it has in so many others. Let us show you how. Please contact us today if you have any further questions or wish to try the program.All Purchases of an item using the Account Payables system may be viewed from within the inventory form.

Inventory Control

Click here to see a movie showing an overview of the inventory control system.