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“Making Business More Productive”
Online Store to promote and sell your products Inventory Control with batch receiving and location tracking Customer Management and Marketing Point of Sale for in the store Ordering and Invoicing for outside sales Inside sales invoicing for phone orders Allows the sales staff to telecommute Create an invoice and get paid at a customer site One data resource to eliminate double enty of data Online Appointment Calendar Task and Todo tracking Customer and Vendor addresses connected to Google Maps Reports, graphs and data export for the analysis of inventory, sales and customers Customers may be selected, by various criteria, for export to send mass email or snail mail Lower costs by raising productivity. Less data entry - more data use. We can customize the program to meet specific needs

Clicks`n`Bricks will work well for these types of business

Gift, Jewelry and Clothing stores. Warehouse Distribution Sales Online and phone sale companies Mobile service businesses such as appliance repair, rv repair and windsheild repair Clicks`n`Bricks fills the need of firms to conduct business out of their store, office or warehouse and have a sales presence on the internet. Using Clicks 'n' Bricks allows for the entry of inventory, sales and customers into one data bank that may be used throughout the company anywhere there is an internet connection. In today's economy customers are demanding more ways of connecting with your company. Using Clicks`n`Bricks allows for your business to be worldwide and open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Clicks`n`Bricks will be released in the second quarter of 2012. Pricing for the program will start at $75 per month.During our testing phase users may work with the program at no charge. At the end of the testing people providing us feedback about the program will receive a 30% discount for as long as they use the it.

Introducing Clicks`n`Bricks

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