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CAMS Retail Jeweler® is the application needed by independent jewelry stores. This application has the right stuff to bring your store success no matter what the economy does. Provide the right inventory at the right time to make the sale. Know which customers are purchasing which products. Launch email and mass mail marketing campaigns for top customer parties, vendor trunk shows and special sales. Proactive tools help turn store clerks into knowledgeable sales people. CAMS Retail Jeweler is backed up by a company that wants you to have the tools that you need to succeed. We know that our success depends totally upon yours.  
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Clicks 'n' Bricks™, our newest offering, is delivered over the Internet in a web browser requiring no installation at your business. This means you can focus on your business and rely on us to maintain the servers and keep your data safe. One customer file, one product file, one order file. No more problems with entering data in two places to run your regular business and your online business. This program provides for sales over the Internet as well as inside sales, outside sales and phone in orders. Clicks 'n' Bricks will work for retailers, wholesalers and mobile service businesses. Invoice, check stock, get customer information, check your tasks and calendar from anywhere there is an Internet connection which is almost everywhere. Clicks 'n' Bricks provides a solution to handle multiple needs using the same program.
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We provide a variety of web services  including content management, ecommerce and customer management using products written by us and other fine programmers. Have a website, but don't like maintaining it or how it looks? Want to stand out on the crowded Internet? Know what you want to say but don't know how to create a web site? We provide website Hosting with suppot that is ready to help you. We'll work with you to make sure that your website provides the type of face to the world that you want to project. We have experience with a variety of products to help make your business more productive. For content management we offer CMS Made Simple. Keep it simple with only a cart and payment processor or go all the way with inventory management and more. Open Cart an easy to use online store with many different shipping and payment options setups. Clicks 'n' Bricks. Our own online store that also combines Point of Sale or warehouse orders.  
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